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Photo of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

Hood for Handling Powder Materials

Contact: Dr. Raluca Gearba
Location: EER 6.628

Equipment Type:

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

TEM Sample Preparation

Information the Equipment Can Provide

Several instruments in TMI such as the SEMs, TEMs, TOF-SIMS, XPS and XRD are frequently used to analyze nanomaterials and materials in powder form. Due to exposure health risks, such materials should be exclusively handled in ventilated areas such a fume hood. TMI designated a specific hood for handling nanoparticles and powdered materials located in EER 6.626.

Standard Operation Procedure for handling nanomaterials.

All users handling nanomaterials are trained on how to use this hood when receiving instrument specific training that may involve the use of nanomaterials and powders.

Fees and Policies

There are no fees associated with using the Hood for Handling Powder Materials.

To become a new user of this facility, please read the Instrument Reservation Information page. If you are already a user you can make a reservation in FBS.