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Program Requirements

Our Ph.D. degree is acquired through numerous steps outlined by the University. Initially, a student must qualify for doctoral candidacy. Many degree programs require a formal qualifying exam that students must pass in order to apply for doctoral candidacy. The Materials Science & Engineering program does not require an exam. Rather, we have a unique qualifying process based on coursework. Once a student has passed the qualifying process, they are eligible to apply for doctoral candidacy. At this stage and in cooperation with their faculty supervisor, the student will create a committee and begin a more focused approach to research. One aspect of this focused approach is the preliminary oral exam, in which a student proposes a plan of research for their dissertation topic. Finally, the Ph.D. pursuit will conclude with a formal dissertation and defense. To review the requirements for your current stage within the doctoral program, please see our handbook. 

Faculty Supervisor

Most students will enter the program having already selected a faculty supervisor. Your faculty supervisor plays a vital role in all areas of your graduate education; therefore, it is very important that you discuss your research regularly with this person. Make sure you attend all group meetings and that your course selections meet both the Materials Science and Engineering program thrust area requirements and your faculty supervisor’s approval.