Arumugam Ram Manthiram, professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been selected as the first recipient of the John B. Goodenough Award of The Electrochemical Society. Read the full announcement here.

This award was created in July 2022 to mark the 100th birthday of John B. Goodenough, UT Austin professor and Nobel Laureate. Goodenough was presented his namesake award in person at the John Goodenough 100th Birthday Symposium held at UT Austin this summer. Manthiram and Goodenough have had a long professional and personal relationship and he is honored and humbled to receive this award.

Manthiram joined the University of Texas at Austin as a postdoctoral researcher in 1986 and became Assistant Professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1991. He was promoted to the rank of Professor in 2000 and he currently holds the George T. & Gladys H. Abell Endowed Chair of Engineering. He served as the Director of the Texas Materials Institute and the Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Program for 11 years during 2011 - 2022.

He currently directs a large, productive research group in electrochemical energy technologies with about 35 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. He has trained and mentored more than 300 students and postdoctoral researchers, including the graduation of 69 PhD students. Among them, 55 are faculty around the world and several hold leadership positions in industry. His current research is focused on rechargeable batteries and fuel cells. Specifically, his group is engaged in developing low-cost, efficient, durable materials for batteries and fuel cells and a fundamental understanding of their structure-property-performance relationships.

The formal awards presentation will take place at the 243rd Annual Meeting of The Electromechanical Society in Boston, Massachusetts in May 2023.

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