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Samco RIE-1C Reactive Ion Etcher

Contact: Dr. Raluca Gearba
Location: FNT 4.106

Equipment Type:

Cleanroom Instrumentation

Nano and Micro Fabrication

Plasma Etching and Material Growth

Information the Equipment Can Provide

The RIE-1C is a semi-automatic reactive ion etching system designed to etch dielectric, passivation, and semiconductor materials anisotropically. Etchable materials include: Silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, silicon oxy-nitride, silicon, poly-Si, polyimide, photoresist, and other polymeric films.


  • Reaction chamber: Quartz, 212 mm dia.
  • Parallel plate design, cathode coupling RIE mode
  • Distance between electrodes is fixed at 44 mm
  • Upper electrode (140 mm dia.), lower electrode (180 mm dia.), support samples up to 6inch in dia
  • Water cooled substrate
  • RF power: 13.56 MHz, Max. 200W
  • Chamber pressure control independent of the gas flow
  • The system is pump using a dry pump
  • Available gases:
    • CF4: 100 sccm
    • O2: 100 sccm
    • Ar: 100 sccm
    • SF6:100 sccm

Representative Etch Rates:

  • Photoresist: 300nm/min (60W, 150mTorr, 30 sccm O2)

Fees and Policies

  • UT Users: $31/hour
  • Higher Education/State Agencies: $54/hour
  • Corporate/External Users: $46/hour

To become a new user of this facility, please read the Instrument Reservation Information page. If you are already a user you can make a reservation in FBS.

To become a user of this instrument you must first complete the Cleanroom Safety Class. Please contact the facility manager to schedule a training session.