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Contact: Dr. Xun Zhan
Location: EER 0.762

Equipment Type:

Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Information the Equipment Can Provide

The JEOL NEOARM is a probe-corrected transmission electron microscope with aberration correction from 30 kV to 200 kV.

Graphene Mono Layer at 30 kV
Graphene mono layer at 30 kV. Image courtesy of JEOL.

Key Features

  • Atomic-level imaging at 30 kV, 80 kV and 200 kV in STEM
  • Atomic-level elemental mapping (EDXS and EELS)
  • Electric binding state and plasmon mapping (EELS)
  • Energy filtered imaging
  • In situ liquid cell, heating and biasing
  • Auto tune for fast alignment


  • Imaging Modes: TEM/STEM
  • Voltage: 30 kV to 200 kV
  • STEM resolution: 0.0783 nm (200 kV)/ 0.1108 nm (80 kV)/ 0.1920 nm (30 kV)
  • Energy resolution: sub 0.3 eV
  • Point to Point Resolution TEM: 0.023 nm (200 kV)
  • Source: Cold Field Emission
  • Tilt Range: 80° (with high tilt holder)
  • Lorentz lens


  • Hybrid high angle annular dark field detector
  • Annular bright field detector
  • Gatan OneView Camera with IS video software (up to 300 fps)
  • JEOL large angle silicon drift EDS detector (0.96 sr)
  • Gatan Quantum energy filter with DualEELS
  • Protochips Fusion Heating/Biasing Holder and Poseidon Liquid Cell
  • High tilt holder
  • Double-Tilt Holder

Fees and Policies

  • UT Users: $120/hour
  • Higher Education/State Agencies: $395/hour
  • Corporate/External Users: $450/hour

JEOL NEOARM Low kV STEM Corrected Training Fees

Contact Dr. Jarvis about training rates.

To become a new user of this facility, please read the Instrument Reservation Information page. If you are already a user you can make a reservation in FBS.