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Cooke e-beam and Sputtering System

Contact: Dr. Raluca Gearba
Location: FNT 4.106

Equipment Type:

Cleanroom Instrumentation

Thin Film Fabrication

Information the Equipment Can Provide

System Characteristics:

  • Four 15 cc -beam sources for metals and certain oxides
  • One RF sputter head for oxides and metals
  • One DC sputter head for metals
  • Targets for sputtering should be 3″ diameter and 1/8″ to 1/4″ thickness
  • Base pressure achieved by pumping overnight: 5 -07 Torr
  • E-beam substrate available
  • Film thickness monitored using a crystal sensor.
  • Sample rotation available
  • Deposition process is fully manual

E-beam materials provided by TMI: Ag, Al, Cu, Ti, SiO2, Cr and Au. Gold usage will be charged at a $70/gram rate. The gold crucible should be checked-out from TMI staff.

Sputtering targets provided by TMI: Al and Cr.

All other materials must be provided by the user.

Please download and read the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for this equipment before use.

Fees and Policies

  • UT Users: $31/hour
  • Higher Education/State Agencies: $54/hour
  • Corporate/External Users: $46/hour

To become a new user of this facility, please read the Instrument Reservation Information page. If you are already a user you can make a reservation in FBS.

To become a user of this instrument you must first complete the Cleanroom Safety Class. Please contact the facility manager to schedule a training session.